Hi, I am Rickey Dixon.

I am an free spirited creative artist, also known as a Photographer. I am located in the heart of Charlotte N.C. I am self taught with a sincere passion for bringing still photos to life. When I was young, I remember my father having a Nikon film camera telling me "I have a wedding to shoot today". Little did I know, his portraits would still have meaning and life after 25 years. One of my favorite things to do is look back on the work I have created and smile knowing that my clients are pleased which gives me peace. The road I have travelled to get to where I am today hasn't been easy. I started with just an entry level camera completing freebie shoots and numerous trial and error projects.

Today, I am fully involved with over 150 loyal clients. Some of my most prestigious clients include professional NBA/NFL dancers, pageant Queens, and celebrity fashion connoisseurs. The other part of my life revovles around my military career, my family, and my kids. I want everyone to experience creativity the way I do. Having a vision come to life doesn't have to be as complicated as you think. See how having a vision can be created with the right person.

Lastly. I take my work personally, and it is very likely that my clients become my friends. I work hard to deliver the best product the first time.

I hope my passion for photography is reflected in my work.



“Creativity is intelligence having fun”